Our story begins in March 2020. I was a student at the Royal College of Music, sat in an online "safe space" Zoom that the Student's Union had created for students to be able to talk about their experiences of sexual violence. Students opened up about their experiences and we spoke about what we could do to change things. It sadly seemed almost everyone at the meeting had an experience to share. Some of the student's were my friends, but some students I'd never met. I left the meeting not knowing much about those I'd never met, except for THAT. And I didn't know how to feel. I wished I knew more about them other than THAT. 
At the same time, the Guardian publishes the findings of the UK UN Women's report that 97% of women aged 18-24 experience sexual harassment in the UK. My first thought was 'who are the lucky 3%?' as I always look for comic relief. My second thought was that it really sucks that about 2,682,871* women have all been lumped into one figure. Who are these women? What are their stories? What are their lives?
Who are the 97 percent? Are they musicians?
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